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7 Quick Tips To Keep Your Man Moving


Let’s face it – men can be stubborn.


Do you need a quick hand on ideas to help motivate and encourage your man to get moving? Follow our quick tips on how to change behaviour, motivate them towards a healthier life and to maintain their change of attitude.


Take action now and you could be saving his life.



RMM Acknowlege icon black 1. ENCOURAGE

Sincere encouragement can go a long way toward helping someone to stay on track. Providing specific examples can be even more effective than general encouragement. For example, “I remember when you started out you found it hard to climb the stairs now you do repeated stair climbs as part of your workout with ease.”



RMM ask question icon black 2. ASK GOOD QUESTIONS

A good life coach doesn’t tell their clients what to do. They ask good questions so their clients understand themselves better, to get clear on what the issues are and from there to make good choices. Asking good questions helps people to think and come up with solutions.




Starting to exercise is like any new challenge, at the start we may lack confidence and have doubts about our abilities. Having someone believe in you at these times can be a great support.



RMM Role model Icon black4. BE A ROLE MODEL

One of the best ways to support someone to be more active is to model an active healthy lifestyle. What we do speaks much more loudly than what we say. We are all role models to someone so let’s be good ones.



RMM share experience black  5. SHARE YOURSELF

When you share from your own experience, especially experiences of change and overcoming barriers, you increase empathy, you’re more approachable and you enhance your connection with others.



RMM Spend Time black 6. SPEND TIME WITH HIM

We love what we give our time to. By devoting your most precious resource (time) to another individual, you’re showing them that you truly value them and your relationship with them. Invest time in your relationships; it’s what life is made of.




RMM Acknowlege icon black new7. ACKNOWLEDGE THEM

You find what you’re looking for. If you look for the best in someone, you will see it. Acknowledge the steps your man is taking to be more active and praise him.


Need more help? We have shared our best advice on how to encourage you man to move. Click on the button that suits your situation.


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