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Exercise and prostate cancer
Regular Exercise May Boost Prostate Cancer Survival

Sticking to a moderate or intense exercise regimen may improve a man's odds of surviving prostate cancer, a new study suggests. The American Cancer Society study included more than 10,000 men, aged 50 to 93, who were diagnosed between 1992 and 2011 with localized prostate cancer...

Exercise may ease sleep for overweight men with insomnia

Overweight men with chronic insomnia fall asleep more easily and quickly after a six-month aerobic exercise program, according to a new study in Finland. Insomnia affects between 40 and 80 percent of overweight and obese men, said Serge Brand of the Center for Affective, Stress and...

Fact. Derek Was Rubbish At Sport.

Derek Bickerstaffe is one of the poster boys of the Real Men Move campaign. Unlike most school boys he hated sport but that never stopped him from being active. Read his story: When I was at school I was no good at sports, I just wasn't very...