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Celebrating success: How can I support my man to be more active?


Your man has set some goals, made plans and has started making progress toward his goals. What happens next? How can you continue to support him?

RRM-shoppingIt’s time to celebrate!


The great thing about breaking a long term goal down into a series of short term goals is that it gives you and your man plenty of opportunities to celebrate as he reaches these short term goals. You might even like to discuss beforehand what the celebrations will be as each step is reached. Celebration can be as simple as taking a moment to appreciate a job well done and to reflect on progress to date.


You can also get creative with your celebrations but remember to keep them in the spirit of a healthier lifestyle. Food doesn’t make a great reward, especially if one of your man’s aims is to trim down a bit. Consider ideas such as; a trip to the beach, bush walking, concert tickets, an evening without the kids, new clothes, a short vacation.


Remember that there are other rewards your man is getting from his healthier lifestyle and it might be good to take a moment to celebrate these too. Benefits you and your man might be noticing include sleeping better, feeling better, having more energy, clothes fitting better and improved muscle tone.