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If you haven’t been much of a mover and shaker so far, why not give it a go now?

Our key tips for a successful life change to exercise include:


  1. Make sure you do something you enjoy.

There is not point going for 60 minute jogs if it really doesn’t appeal to you. Take the time to work out what exercise you like as it comes in many shapes and forms.


  1. Make sure you do something that is appropriate for you.

Sprinting and lifting very heavy weights could be deadly for someone who has a chronic condition so please do some research and speak to a professional if you have any concerns in this area. Click here to find a professional.


  1. Give yourself some goals.RRM cricket bat

Goals can be relative to whatever you enjoy doing. Keep it simple, short term and achievable.

Examples: “For one week I will jog every day for 20 minutes” OR “Every day for the next month I will tick off every activity I have set out in my activity calendar.” (Download our calendar here)


  1. Make the time.

Life is busy these days so plan ahead and find time to fit in a little physical activity. An early morning dog walk, a lunch break gym session or an evening weights session whilst the kids are asleep – there should be no excuse!


  1. It’s not about ‘no pain no gain’.

Despite all the myths, you should not be pushing yourself to the limits. This method is not good for your body and it will mean you will probably give up before you start. Always exercise without pushing yourself to the extreme and if you have any shortness of breath, nausea or pain stop immediately and speak to your GP.


How to get started:

  1. Choose one of our programs that fits what you want to achieve
  2. Download and print our calendar to get your exercise plan sorted!