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Sometimes exercise can be as interesting as watching paint dry and may seem like a chore, but if you choose not to move you must be prepared to face the consequences.

Exercise can prevent, and help you manage, many chronic diseases. Still not sure? Check out these scary facts! What you really need to do is to make exercise fun.


Exercise or physical activity comes in all shapes and forms but it’s up to you to find something that suits you! Forcing yourself into an uncomfortable activity isn’t going to help make you happier and healthier so check out these suggestions:

RRM gardening

Team sports – League, union, soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball….curling even! The possibilities are as endless as the benefits of getting started.



Individual sports – Tennis, golf, squash, cycling, rowing, martial arts, swimming.


Just moving around – Jogging, running, hiking, camping, fishing…even gardening and fixing up the house.


All of these activities will help to keep your body fit and healthy.


Have you already got a sporting injury that’s holding you back? Click here.


Still worried that you won’t have time to fit this in?


It’s about moving a little every day, not just planning something on a Saturday afternoon.


Download our monthly planner and try to complete 30 minutes of physical activity every day or use our easy to follow exercise programs.

Real Men Move