Fact. Derek hated sport but still keeps very active.
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28 Oct Fact. Derek Was Rubbish At Sport.

Derek Bickerstaffe is one of the poster boys of the Real Men Move campaign. Unlike most school boys he hated sport but that never stopped him from being active.

Read his story:

When I was at school I was no good at sports, I just wasn’t very interested.

During the football season, along with the ‘no-hopers’ we were relegated to a distant pitch and let to get on with it. This had its advantages. We knocked off early, were first in the showers, used all the hot water and were dressed ready for the school bus when the others were dragging their exhausted, muddy bodies back to the changing rooms. Cricket was boring. Only two people out of 13 on the field actually did anything. One threw the ball, the other attempted to hit it and then a third would spring into action and run to retrieve it. Tennis was better, at least you got alternate hits but the scoring – 15, 30, 40, love, deuce was mentally challenging. Why not 1, 2, 3? I was introduced to boxing but despite the rules of the marquis, it hurt ! The gym was a torture chamber.

Sport – I just didn’t get it.Real Men Move

And then I discovered a new sport, DIY, and spent the rest of my life involved in the most challenging and satisfying form of exercise possible. Now I am not talking about changing a washer on a tap but really getting down and dirty with an activity that makes rugby look like kindergarten play.

It involves lifting, bending, stretching, climbing, balance and involves muscles you never knew you had. Perhaps more important it gives immense satisfaction of a job well done. When you play a game you can think about the match and result briefly. But when you have completed a project you can relax, drink a beer or two (an essential ingredient) and be proud of what you have done for months – providing it doesn’t fall down.

DIY – A candidate for the Olympics ?


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