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How can I support my man to be more active?
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RMM making a plan

In the getting started section you were helping your man to set some goals and evaluate them against the SMART criteria:

S              Is the goal Specific?
M            Can you Measure it?
A             Can you Achieve this goal?
R             Is this goal Realistic?
T              What is the Time-frame for achieving this goal?


Now it is time to move to the planning phase. Here you will be helping your man to turn those goals into an action plan to achieve them. Click here to download our ‘Man Fan Contract’.


A great tool to use for planning is an activity contract. In the contract you spell out:


Question                                                           Example

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What you are going to do?                        Go walking around the park

When will you do it?                                   In the evening after dinner

How much will you do?                             At least half an hour

How often will you do it?                           Every other day


Putting the contract up on the fridge with a copy of the Real Men Move calendar is a great reminder and motivational tool.


Other aspects of planning include:

  • Having the right equipment –good walking shoes, comfy clothes, water bottle
  • Finding a group of like-minded people to be active with
  • Changing daily routine to fit in new activities