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Real Men Move

If you have a current injury, have you had a professional diagnose and treat it?

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C’mon mate, what are you doing? GO AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. Just do it, the sooner it can be looked at the sooner you will be ready to get moving. Your body will thank you for it.RMM AEP helping


Not sure who you need to see? Talk to your GP or an Accredited Exercise Physiologist about the next best steps.




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If you still have an injury or pain that has been diagnosed and is being managed, then you must only undertake exercise that will suit you. To do this you should speak to an accredited exercise physiologist who are experts in putting together exercise plans that will suit your injury and help you get fitter and healthier. You can find an accredited exercise physiologist by clicking here.


Always remember if you have any shortness of breath, discomfort, nausea or pain stop immediately and speak to your GP or health professional.

Real Men Move