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Real Men Move

What is a man fan?

Man Fans come in all shapes and sizes.


Partners, best mates, siblings, work colleagues, bowls partners, drinking buddies – everyone has a man they support.


Statistics show that as men grow older, or should we say more mature, there is less focus on health. There is particularly less focus on exercise.


Exercise and health go hand in hand – without exercise there is less chance of good health and without good health exercise is hard. That’s why it’s up to man fans to be there to support, encourage and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.


Take a moment to think of your loved ones who happen to be male and ask yourself these key questions:


  • How is their current health and activity levels?
  • Can they be improved?
  • What can I do to make a change?

How did you answer those questions?

If by answering those questions you realise you may need to give you man a helping hand, you have come to the right place. You may now be thinking about ways you can create change.


Changing behaviour is not an easy thing. If it was easy – there wouldn’t be a need to step in and take action!


We have put together some easy to follow guides on effective ways to create change. Click on the button below that you think you might need a hand with.


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