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So you already exercise regularly, but you want to find out what more you can do? Excellent!

Real Men Move

You’re already on your way to living a longer, healthier life but now it’s time to change things up to continue to improve your strength and endurance.


RRM cycling

It’s called progressive overload, which is a fancy term for upping the intensity of your workouts over time. Increasing the weights you lift, the speed you walk or the number of repetitions you do are all ways to up the intensity. At each new intensity level your body will adapt (get stronger and fitter).



  1. Start with one of these programs relevant for your current level of fitness?
  2. Or get creative and put together your own activity calendar 
  3. When you find you are doing the program without much strain it’s time to bring in the progressive overload

Why not share your exercise tips with other blokes? Email us and we can post your ideas to the website.

Real Men Move