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Real Men Move

Staying on track: How can I support my man to be more active?

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Even the best of plans go astray sometimes. Work, life and un-expected events can sometimes throw your man off his track to a healthier lifestyle. This is normal, it is common and it is not a sign of failure. The main thing is to not get upset but to have strategies in place to get back on track.


Action plan


You can encourage your man to think about setting up an action plan when his healthier lifestyle endeavours go off track. Ask him to consider:

  • What happened?
  • What was his reaction?
  • Was that reaction effective?
  • How could he plan to handle the situation better next time?


Life-long change


Change is a process and it doesn’t happen all at once. Encourage your man by pointing out that the small changes he is making do make a difference. Small changes maintained ultimately lead to big changes and permanent adoption of new behaviours.




Explore support options with your man. Change is easier if you are not doing it alone. Sources of support might be found in friends, family, groups of like-minded people, your local GP, an exercise physiologist, health coaches, exercise groups… The list is long.


Main thing? Help your man to seek out and utilise these sources of support.